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Envirosight QuickView 360 Manhole Camera

Capture HD panoramic video of manholes quickly and affordably with the QuickView 360


Quickview 360’s lightweight design empowers a single operator to run rapid, comprehensive manhole inspections: Conduct up to 80 assessments per day and stream results to the cloud for secure storage and AI-supported defect and feature coding.

  • AI coding and report generation
  • Point cloud and 3D modeling
  • 30' portable telescopic pole
  • One manhole every five minutes
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In the world of municipal sewer inspection equipment, the Envirosight QuickView 360 Manhole Camera has proven to be a game changer. This cutting-edge device is known for making the best use of technology along with a user-friendly design that helps completely change the way manhole inspections are done.

This sewer camera has a lightweight design helps an operator conduct rapid manhole inspections alone. It has the ability to assess around 80 manholes every day. Its productivity is truly unbeatable and is improved even more because of its portability. The portable telescopic pole helps assess a variety of depths with complete precision. Its camera also supports AI-supported defect coding. This improves the accuracy in identifying potential problems. The results can also be streamed to the cloud for safe storage.

This sewer inspection camera also offers features such as Point Cloud and 3D modeling. This helps get a complete understanding of the manhole and the infrastructure. So, issues can be identified quite accurately, which may go unnoticed in conventional inspections. It helps operators complete one manual inspection every five minutes. This speed does not ever compromise the quality of the inspection because of its advanced features and automation. Because of Twin HD cameras and LED lamps, this manhole inspection camera provides 360-degree video with crystal clear footage. This helps ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

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