Envirosight WinCan Sewer Inspection Software

AI-enhanced, cloud-enabled asset management sewer inspection software for portable camera equipment


With WinCan, you can coordinate team members around high-efficiency workflows, leverage AI to find defects and plan rehab, and visualize complex data with an easy-to-use, map-based interface. WinCan’s asset-centric approach means you can interpret inspection findings holistically. Whether you’re correlating pipe grade to debris accumulation, understanding root intrusion in terms of surface vegetation, troubleshooting I&I, or establishing asset criticality—WinCan gives you the full picture so you can make smarter decisions about inspection, maintenance and rehab. Main functions of the software include inspecting, coding, mapping, scanning, modeling, reporting, planning and budgeting. Your data is secure and accessible on the WinCan Web cloud portal. Grant your team real-time access to inspection data—they’ll be able to code, review, edit and analyze inspection datasets using powerful online tools available in any browser-enabled device. Our desktop app links directly to the cloud for project management. Field inspection personnel and back-office engineers can code data and access powerful filtering and analytical tools—plus enhanced capabilities like 3D modeling, image measurement, scanning and profiling tools, and more.

  • 50+ defect catalogs supported
  • 30 languages supported
  • 12,000+ languages worldwide
  • Connect every member of your sewer team
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