EnviroSight Digisewer Side-Scan Camera for Rovver X

This fisheye sewer camera attachment for Rovver X rapidly acquires superior resolution footage using affordable, easy-to-operate hardware.


There’s no need to pan, tilt or zoom with the Digisewer side-scanning add-on for ROVVER X. The fisheye digital camera captures detailed images at speeds of up to 70 feet per minute, which can then be reviewed and analyzed offline. The Digisewer helps provide detailed pipe inspection that's three times faster than CCTV. Inspection speed of 70 FPM. The Digisewer camera attaches to your existing ROVVER X crawler, giving you side-scan functionality without requiring major investment in a fully standalone system. You can deploy side-scan capability from your existing camera truck, and only when you need it. Side-scan technology is dynamic, efficient and intuitive. Your side scans automatically transfer into WinCan ScanExplorer, where an analyst or engineer can assess and code them in a fraction of the time video requires.

  • Side-scan technology
  • Multiple views include forward, thumbnail, and side
  • Automatically identifies taps and joints
  • Integrates with WinCan projects and GIS data
  • Store and transfer inspections at 3000'/GB, much faster than with video
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