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Fisher TW-6 Split Box Pipe & Cable locator w/added M-Scope 3 piece handle

The Small Rugged Multifaceted TW-6 Split Box Pipe & Cable locator w/added M-Scope 3 piece handle accessory doubles the use of standard TW-6 to allow you to find underground pipes, cables, manhole covers, vaults, valve boxes and other metallic objects


Fisher TW-6 is multifaceted by allowing you to use it as a standard split box locator, by adding a probe it works more like a traditional locator, and by adding the M-Scope 3 piece handle kit takes it to the next level used as a metal detector.

  • The industry standard
  • Unlike other units that use a separate transmitter and receiver, the TW-6, when mounted on the handle, can conduct “blind” searches of an area to locate an underground pipe or cable where the starting point is unknown
  • Noise cancelling circuitry eliminates power line interference
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Fisher TW-6 Split Box Pipe & Cable locator w/added M-Scope 3 piece handle is known for offering great precision and versatility in the world of underground utility locating. It has an added M Scope 3 piece handle accessory and is truly a great option for professionals. It is a small but tough device that helps them identify underground infrastructure in the best way possible. Because it operates as a standard split box located, it can easily trace the path of underground pipes and cables. Several units use separate transmitters and receivers. But because of its integrated design, this M Scope Pipe Locator helps effectively locate in all conditions.

The M-Scope 3 Piece Handle makes it a powerful metal detector because this kit improves overall control and helps users navigate different types of terrains with complete convenience. So, if you wish to use the utility locating and metal detection features best, you can rely on this pipe locator. It has several applications, such as locating manhole covers, vaults, valve boxes, and other metallic objects as well. All this will become quite seamless and hassle-free when you rely on such a compact but strong device. It can also help one conduct blind searches in any area. It has several innovative features that make Fisher M Scope Pipe Locator an efficient tool.

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