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RD8200SG Precision Locator

Introducing RD8200SG, the latest advancement from Radio detection’s trusted line of precision locators.


Building on the robust foundation of the RD8200, this new model integrates state-of-the-art GPS and RTK technologies, elevating locating accuracy to unprecedented levels. Ideal for complex urban environments and challenging rural terrains, the RD8200SG is designed to navigate the intricate networks of underground utilities with unparalleled precision. Whether it's for construction, maintenance, or emergency response, the RD8200SG delivers reliability when it matters most. RD8200SG units from Radiodetection have not yet been shipped. Please contact us, and we will notify you once they become available


• Flexibility to work with the system that works for your business
• Locate experts. Integrate mapping into your utility locate procedures.
• Mapping experts. Integrate utility locating into your mapping procedures.
• Designed for continuous use in the field
• Make the RD8200SG work for you
• Ergonomic design, premium quality

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Introducing the RD8200SG: A New Standard in Precision Locating

Introducing the RD8200SG, the cutting-edge evolution in the realm of underground utility location. This
device represents a major leap forward, thanks to its integration of advanced GPS and RTK (Real-Time
Kinematics) technologies. Designed to excel in both bustling urban landscapes and challenging rural
terrains, the RD8200SG brings unmatched accuracy and reliability to your fingertips. Whether you're
embarking on construction, maintenance, or emergency response, the RD8200SG ensures precise utility
detection and mapping, making every excavation project safer and more efficient.

Advanced Locating with"Survey Grade" Precision

The RD8200SG sets a new benchmark for utility locating with its "Survey Grade" precision. This
unparalleled accuracy stems from meticulous engineering and advanced calibration, transforming every
location into a pinpointed revelation. The device's capability to differentiate closely spaced utilities and
provide exact depth measurements drastically reduces the risk of accidental utility strikes. This precision
is crucial for urban planning, infrastructure development, and maintenance, instilling confidence with
each dig. The RD8200SG's high-fidelity data is a game-changer for any professional seeking precision in
complex environments.

Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) – The Game-Changing Technology

At the core of the RD8200SG's exceptional performance is the Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) technology.
This sophisticated GPS correction method refines satellite data to deliver sub-inch accuracy in real-time.
This innovation not only elevates the accuracy of underground utility mapping but also streamlines work
processes by providing immediate, actionable data. With RTK, field technicians can make informed
decisions on-site, reducing the need for repeated visits and supplementary surveying equipment,
thereby optimizing efficiency and accuracy in critical field operations.

Unmatched Benefits for Critical Infrastructure Work

The RD8200SG is more than just a tool; it's a reliable partner designed for the rigors of fieldwork. Its
ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use, while its robust construction is built to
withstand harsh environmental conditions. The integration of RTK technology not only enhances
precision but also contributes to a safer work environment by minimizing the chances of accidental
utility strikes. This makes the RD8200SG an invaluable asset for operators in various projects, offering
peace of mind and the confidence that comes with using the best tool for critical infrastructure work.

Comparative Analysis: RD8200 vs RD8200SG – Key Features Breakdown

This comparative analysis underscores the advancements the RD8200SG brings over its predecessor, the
RD8200. With its enhanced precision, GPS capabilities, and locating technology, the RD8200SG stands
out as a superior choice for professionals requiring the highest level of accuracy and efficiency in utility
locating and mapping.

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