Radiodetection 8200G with GPS Cable and Pipe Locators

Takes you 1 step further from the 8200 by adding GPS Mapping & Logging Capabilities


Simplify the task of tracing utilities with the new RD8200G®. This upgraded RD8200® precision locating device comes with automatically enabled on-board GPS mapping to improve accuracy and analysis. All this comes with a Manufacturers 3 Year Warranty against defects.

  • Automatic usage logging with GPS positioning
  • Ideal for congested underground infrastructures
  • Designed for ease of user
  • Reliable, precise locating technology
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Utility Locating and Underground Detection Made Easy With GPS Capabilities. The Radiodetection 8200G with GPS Cable and Pipe Locators is the next level of locator technology, specifically designed for professionals in the utilities industry. Equipped with automatic GPS mapping and logging capabilities, the RD8200G offers unparalleled accuracy and analysis. It has been designed to simplify the task of tracing utilities, particularly in congested underground infrastructures.

The capabilities of this device helps professionals in accurately identifying the target power cable despite many other cables being present. Its sensitive signal processing ability ensures reliability, precision, and efficiency in operational performance. The design of the RD8200G is user-friendly, making it easy to set up and use for your utility locating needs. It contains features such as a sunlight readable display, high-performance audio system, and vibration alerts for noisy environments, making it versatile and adaptable in challenging environments. The device has been engineered to reject strong interfering signals, enabling accurate results in complex and congested installation sites. This best-in-class precision locator range is built to the highest standards in Great Britain, and provides self-tests for increased confidence in the accuracy of its measurements.

With a manufacturer’s warranty against defects, the RD8200G is a reliable, durable, and cost-effective investment for professionals who are committed to damage prevention and operational efficiency in the utilities industry.