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RD8200 Precision Locator Kit – Your Essential Tool for Advanced Utility Detection

8200 Professional Plus is next step of Precision from the RD7200 that provides you with more frequencies & Current Direct, programmable 5 custom frequencies, flexibility of Bluetooth for external GPS and patented iLoc feature if you choose TX10B transmitter, and RD Maps compatible


The RD8200 Precision Locator Kit, now available at Green Equipment Company, sets the standard for accuracy and reliability in detecting and mapping buried utilities. Designed for professionals who require the most precise data to avoid costly mistakes, the RD8200 is the most advanced locator in its range.

  • Advanced Precision: Equipped with the latest technology, the RD8200 offers improved pinpointing of buried utilities and significantly reduces the risk of utility damage.
  • Multifunctional Frequencies: Features a wide range of frequencies ideal for different environments and utility types, providing flexible and highly effective locating capabilities.
  • Integrated GPS and Data Logging: Built-in GPS tracks the location of every detection, which can be combined with the comprehensive data logging features to create detailed usage reports and maps.
  • Guidance Mode and Swing Error Indicator: Enhances user accuracy with clear guidance arrows and audio signals to assist in following the path of the cable or pipe. The innovative swing error indicator promotes correct usage, enhancing locate accuracy.
  • Robust Construction: The RD8200 is constructed to withstand harsh field conditions, ensuring reliability and durability.

Kits come in many configurations depending on your locating application. Contact us so our representative can qualify the best configuration needed for your tasks.

Technical Specifications
  • Operating Frequencies: 13 to 42 frequencies across the different models; passive power mode; radio mode for passive locating.
  • Display: High-contrast, backlit display and intuitive user interface make it easy to operate even in challenging lighting conditions.
Why Choose the RD8200?

The RD8200 Locator Kit is the go-to choice for utility professionals who demand the best in precision and safety. Ideal for utility repair, installation, and maintenance projects, this tool ensures that every dig is safe and every locate is accurate.

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Enhance your operational capabilities with the RD8200 Precision Locator Kit. Visit our product page to view detailed specifications, pricing information, and secure your order today. Trust Green Equipment Company to supply only the best in advanced utility detection solutions.

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Utility Locating and Underground Detection Made Easy. The RD8200 Cable and Pipe Locator offers advanced features that are specifically designed to meet the challenges of our customers in the underground infrastructure industry. The precision locator range is equipped with speed, accuracy, and reliable performance features, making it an ideal tool for damage prevention and operational efficiency.

The device's ability to accurately identify targets in noisy and congested environments is achieved through its sensitive and accurate signal processing mechanism. This feature ensures reliable and consistent results making the RD8200 the best choice for utility line locators and radio detection equipment. The RD8200 has many features that make utility line locating more efficient. The device's automatic usage logging feature and self-test function guarantee the accuracy of locator measurements. These innovative features and design elements demonstrate the product's reliability and add value to clients' operations. The RD8200 product design, built to the highest standards in Great Britain, provides an ergonomic solution to the physical challenges faced during field operations. The device's rugged yet lightweight design makes it easy to handle under any conditions.

Additionally, the RD8200's sun-light readable display, high-performance audio system, and vibration alerts make it easy to use and adjust according to any operator's preferences.

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