Radiodetection 7200 Cable and Pipe Locators

The RD7200 is made to perform precision locates, is known as the all-industry locator, designed for accurate and effective everyday use.


7200 Receivers come with the proven core Radiodetection frequency range that industries are known to love. They will serve all industries with line/sonde/FaultFind locate options. The functionality of this unit will accomplish precision locates day in and day out!. All this comes with a Manufacturers 3 Year Warranty against defects.

  • Multi-function multi-industry accurate locating
  • Compass Orientation
  • Power filters
  • Utility specific frequencies
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Analyze the Underground Infrastructure Efficiently and Safely. The RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locator is the latest and most advanced technology available to locate and mark buried utilities quickly, accurately and safely. These locators are a multi-function and multi-industry tool that uses compass orientation, power filters, utility-specific frequencies and accurate signal processing to provide reliable results. With its easy-to-setup and use design, the RD7200 is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and efficient way to locate and mark buried utilities. Its sunlight readable display, high performance audio system and vibration alerts make it ideal for noisy environments.

Not only does the Radiodetection 7200 improve efficiency and accuracy for workers, it also protects both technicians and infrastructures. The Strike Alert feature warns of the presence of shallow cables, while the Vibration handle ensures that workers never miss a warning. Furthermore,the Radiodetection 7200 features a self-test feature that provides workers with confidence and trust in their locator measurements.

Overall, the RD7200 Cable and Pipe Locators are the perfect tool for any utility worker or construction site worker who needs a reliable, efficient and safe way to locate and mark buried utilities.