Radiodetection 7100MRX Cable & Pipe Locators

The RD7100MRX Receiver w/Marker Ball options added to 7100 Locator class is made with precision to perform precision locates known as the all-industry locator, designed for accurate and effective everyday use.


7100MRX Receivers come with the proven core Radiodetection frequency range that industries are known to love. They will serve all industries with line and sonde locate options, with the extra of MRX all industry marker frequencies. The functionality of these units will accomplish precision locates day in and day out!.

  • Automatic usage logging with GPS-positioning
  • RD Map app for Android
  • On-site operator confidence
  • Simplify complex locates
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Analyze the Underground Infrastructure Efficiently and Safely. The RD7100MRX Cable & Pipe Locator is designed to make the locating of underground utilities easy and efficient. This model is optimized for the telecom industry and comes with advanced features such as Current Direction and Bluetooth connectivity. The Current Direction feature helps in identifying the direction and orientation of the cable signal, while Bluetooth connectivity enables real-time data transfer and collaboration with other users on-site. The 7100MRX locator is capable of pinpointing the exact location of underground utilities such as telecom cables, power lines, and gas pipelines, thereby allowing repair and maintenance crews to work with accuracy and precision.

The 7100MRX also comes equipped with a variety of locating modes such as Peak, Null and Distance, that cater to different field requirements. The Peak mode is ideal for identifying the strongest signal, while the Null mode helps in eliminating unwanted signals. The Distance mode displays the depth and direction of the utility incrementally, which is useful for measuring the depth of the utility. Furthermore, the RD7100MRX locator is designed for rugged field use, with an IP54 rating that protects it from dust and water. With this advanced locator, telecom companies can perform underground maintenance and repair work with confidence, knowing that they can locate buried utilities easily and accurately.