eCert™ Remote Calibration Testing

eCert™ - The cutting-edge solution for testing and validating the performance of key circuitry elements within C.A.T4 devices.


With eCert, you can ensure that your C.A.T4 is operating at its best, as it verifies its performance against the original factory calibration through a quick and comprehensive test conducted over the internet. To activate eCert, simply use the C.A.T Manager PC software, which enables you to conveniently run the test on the key locating circuitry of your C.A.T4. Once the eCert test is successfully passed, you have the option to print or save a Radiodetection Calibration Certificate specific to your C.A.T4. But that's not all. C.A.T Manager goes even further by allowing you to reproduce the original factory calibration certificate or any eCert certificates it has generated whenever you need them. This ensures that you always have access to the necessary documentation for your device. For those seeking a complete maintenance package, Radiodetection offers additional services such as exhaustive factory-backed service and recalibration options. These comprehensive options include full mechanical integrity inspections and function testing, giving you peace of mind knowing that your C.A.T4 is in top-notch condition. Discover the power of eCert and take control of your C.A.T4's performance and maintenance like never before. Contact us for details and pricing.

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