SubSurface Leak Detection ZCorr Correlating Logger

Easily pinpoint leak locations with the ZCorr Digital Correlating Logger


ZCorr is a portable leak detection system that combines a network of digital correlating loggers, a computer docking station, and sound analyzing software. The ZCorr is revolutionary in the water leak detection field due to its unique "Overnight Survey" feature where the system can operate by itself overnight, which produces better results due to less traffic and usage noise. This advanced system pinpoints the exact distance to a leak and is more sensitive than the human ear. By using automatic leak frequency analysis, this system accurately registers and pinpoints each leak sound that occurs automatically with every recording, tracks the patterns of the leaks, and can extract the true leak sounds from each recording even when louder noises are present at the same audio frequencies. ZCorr is the water leak detection solution you need.

  • Track leak sound patterns over time
  • Can operate at night in "Overnight Survey"
  • Multiple loggers survey large areas for leaks
  • User can listen to the actual leak sounds for 60 seconds for each recording
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