VeriSight Pro+ Lateral and Drain Inspection Camera

Digitally enhanced method of drain line inspection that delivers a clear look inside laterals, cleanouts, and drains everytime


VeriSight Pro has everything you need to inspect pipes, document your findings, and generate reports for on-site delivery. It captures detailed footage under challenging conditions, and its advanced interface offers robust tools - including observation entry and reporting options - and has USB and SD media bays for easy offload of data, videos, images, and reports. Its self-leveling camera captures crisp color footage from pipes 2" in diameter and larger. LED lamps deliver variable-intensity, shadowless illumination adjustable to 12,500 Lux. The signal from its tri-band sonde can be picked up by most any locator. Capabilities include capturing footage, entering observations, reviewing footage, generating reports, offloading data, writing screen text, ocntrolling hardware, and configuring preferences. It's never been easier to see inside laterals and drain lines!

  • Available in 330', 200', and 130' models
  • Interchangable self-leveling and pan/tilt cameras
  • Welded steel construction with protective powder coat
  • IP64-rated control housing
  • Sealed slip ring
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